Benie & Ngudi

Manuella Manuella you are the ONLY vendor that brought tears to my eyes whilst typing a message (it’s a RARE thing so appreciate it 😂). You are the BEST BEST BEST vendor that we have had. After the first consultation Ngudi and I said that ” this is the one.” And we’ve NEVER regretted that decision. You and your team have gone above and beyond for us. During this process you were always so positive. At times I didn’t even understand how you remained positive when I thought it was the end of the world. But just as you said and have always been saying that “things will work out”. They actually did work out at the end. I have learnt a lot from you that I have taken with me and will be implementing in my life. I can go on forever about how you are the greatest 😂. To conclude I’d like to say THANK YOU to you and your team. You guys have been amazing. I wish you all the best. May God continue to protect all of you and may your business continue to grow. Love from The Ngudiankama’s 😘😘